Lighting LJ-T8388 Built-in 2-Burner Town Gas Hob

Lighting LJ-T8388 Built-in 2-Burner Town Gas Hob
Gas fire up to 5,200 W 
Ultra Density tempered glass furnace surface 
Electricity consumption is expected to replace the battery time prompts 
A timed off the fire Bian Trent 1-99 minutes can be preset automatically turn off, easy steaming stew 
Airless Tip alarm and automatically turn off, double safety protection, more comfortable and safer 
Cast iron grates special thick non-slip, durable 
Bronze inlaid with aluminum furnace seat edge technology, easily deformed 
Ultra-thin chassis design, the same beautiful seat 
Twin-tube burners designed independently adjustable stoves large fine firepower 
Sealed oven dish design, easy to spill liquid flow into the stove 
Separate burner design, easy to clean 
Touch automatically turn off, the operation easier 
Colour: Black/White/Green
Dimensions: 750 x 430 x 90 (mm) 
Hole Size: 640 x 350 (mm) 
Built-In Type Gas Hob
Cook Zone Dual Burner
Origin China
Size 75cm

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