Bosch MES3500GB Juicer

Bosch MES3500GB Juicer
Extra-large filling tube for fruit (whole apples) and vegetables — no pre-cutting necessary
Stainless steel microsieve for optimum juice extraction
Practical spout with DripStop prevents dripping after extraction and keeps working top clean
Extremely safe: Motor only runs if the appliance is assembled correctly with the lid closed
Practical with two speeds for hard and soft fruit
High power heavy duty motor: 700 watts
XL feeding tube (73 mm) for quick and easy preparation of whole fruit and vegetables
Stainless steel micro filter basket for best juice extraction
Aluminium die cast clamp: High tightening force – no leakage
Universal use for different types of fruit and vegetable
Juice outlet with DripStop avoids dripping and provides for a clean working top after juicing
Large, removable pulp container with 2 ltr capacity
Juice outlet and housing made of stainless steel for high endurance
Two speed settings for hard and soft fruit
Automatic pulp emission
Integrated cable storage
Safety Stop: Juicer only works when all parts are properly assembled and stops working when opened during processing. No risk of injury, no risk of splashing
Rubber feet provide high stability
Easy to clean: All parts are dishwasher safe
Container for juice with 1.25 ltr capacity and foam separator
Brush inclued for easy cleaning of sieve
Color: Blue / Silver

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