Bosch MSM7700GB Hand blender Set

Bosch MSM7700GB Hand blender Set
Detachable stainless steel blender foot with sharpened QuattroBlade four-winged blade for perfect mixing and chopping
With exclusive accessories: large chopper, e.g. for chopping herbs, nuts and cheese, and a whisk for beating egg whites and cream
Appliance and accessories are easy to clean: accessories are dishwasher proof
Adjustable speed settings plus additional turbo setting for maximum power at the touch of a button
Highly powerful 750 W motor for excellent results
Powerful, quiet, low vibration
Electronic speed control
Extra turbo button for maximum performance
High-quality stainless steel foot
Innovative four wing blade for perfect results
Excellent handling through soft touch handle and ergonomic shaping
LED-speed indicator for full control of the speed setting
Optimized design of blender foot avoids splashing
Easily detachable blender foot with eject button
Cable outlet serves as hanging loop and cable clip at the same time
Mini chopper with removable stainless steel blades and lid
Stainless steel balloon whisk attachment
Mixing jug with calibration and lid
Blender foot and attachments (except gear box) are dishwasher proof
Color: Red / White

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