Miele KWT6322UG Built-In Double Temperature Zone Wine Cooler

-10% Miele KWT6322UG Built-In Double Temperature Zone Wine Cooler
Built-under wine conditioning unit
with FlexiFrame and Push2open for greater versatility and top-quality design.
Simultaneous wine storage in three separate temperature zones
Odourless refrigeration section thanks to Active AirClean filters
Put the storage of your wine in the perfect light - LED lighting
Optimum wine protection through UV filters in tinted glass front
Secure storage of wine bottles with pull-out racks
DynaCool (dynamic cooling)
Perfect storage conditions for food and wine
Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.
LED lighting
Maintenance free and economical: efficient and durable LEDs ensure perfect illumination of the interior. 
Closes quietly and reliably: the gently self-closing door prevents items from falling out.
Convenient: Operate your refrigerator via a Miele appliance with SuperVision or conveniently via your smartphone.
DynaCool (dynamic cooling)
Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.
FlexiFrame with NoteBoard
Simple to adjust: The individual slats can be adjusted for the bottle shape.
Unique: The appliance integrates perfectly into handleless kitchens; the door opens by pressing the front.
Active AirClean filters
Aroma retainment unsurpassed: the combination of active charcoal filter and chitosan, a natural product, effectively prevents odours. 
Temperature zones
Individual controls: up to three different types of wine requiring different temperatures can be stored at the same time.
Eco information
Energy efficiency classification  A
Annual energy consumption in kWh  144
Energy consumption in 24 h in kWh  0,392
Construction type 
Built-in: •
Built-in integrated: •
Built-in built-under: •
Door hinge side: right
Can be installed side-by-side: •
Convertible hinging: •
Front colour: Tinted glass door/strip handle
Type of lighting refrigerator: LED
User convenience
Dynamic cooling: ‧
SoftClose door closing damper: ‧
Active AirClean filter and change indicator: ‧
No. of wooden shelves: 4
Flexible wooden shelves FlexiFrame: 3
Push2open: ‧
Electronic temperature display and control: TouchControl
No. of temperature zones: 2
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy efficiency classification:  A
Annual energy consumption in kWh: 144
Energy consumption in 24 h in kWh: 0,392
Appliance networking
Miele@home: Equipped
Lock function: ‧
Audible door alarm: ‧
Audible temperature alarm: ‧
Technical data
Niche width in mm: 600-600
Niche height in mm: 820-870
Niche depth in mm: 555
Appliance height in mm: 817
Appliance width in mm: 597
Weight in kg: 47,0000
Appliance depth in mm: 575
Climatic classification: SN-ST
Wine conditioning zone volume in l: 94
No. of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles that can be stored: 34 bottles
Noise power level in dB(A) re 1 pW: 37
Current consumption in milliampere (mA): 800
Voltage in V: 220-240
Fuse rating in A: 10
Frequency in Hz: 50
Number of phases: 1
Cable length in m: 2,0

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