Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet 25.2V Vacuum cleaner

Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet 25.2V Vacuum cleaner
Thorough cleaning results on all floors thanks to highly efficient bagless-technology and AllFloor HighPower Brush
Unique SensorBagless™ Technology: exceptionally powerful with minimal maintenance required
Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology: durable and powerful rechargeable batteries, extra-long run time and short charging time
Pure comfort: easy to use, store and clean thanks to it light weight and EasyClean System
Maximized flexibility: cordless vaccuuming without limitations on upholstery and in corners thanks to adjustable profi accessories kit
Convenience, with no compromise to performance.
Athlet: The Bosch cordless compact vacuum, with the same cleaning performance as a conventional vacuum cleaner.*
LongLife motor for high performance and long lifetime
AllFloor HighPower Brush: electrical nozzle for high cleaning performance on all floors
Sensor Control: sensor based performance control for minimum cleaning effort. LED signal if filter cleaning is necessary
Unique SensorBagless™ Technology: extremely powerful with minimized maintenance effort
3 performance levels
Level 1: for easy cleaning jobs and maximum runtime
Level 2: for normal cleaning jobs and medium runtime
Level Turbo: for difficult cleaning job and shorter runtime
Filter cleaning: Intelligent LED display signals if filter cleaning is necessary
Easy handling for removal and emptying
Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air
Accessory Kit: attachable adapter with hose and shoulder strap, upholtstery and crevice nozzle - ideal for cleaning of upholstery and hard to reach spots
Pure comfort: easy to use, store and clean thanks to its light weight and EasyClean System
Easy Clean System: Easy removal and cleaning of the nozzle brush roll
Maximum flexibility: vacuum cleaning without limitations around and under furniture thanks to its extremely flexible nozzle joint and attachable accessory kit
Solid freestanding function for easy placement, space-saving storage and flexible charging at every power outlet
Extra long runtime up to 60 min
Battery charging status indication: yes, 3-step
Short charging time:
3 hours (battery 80% charged)
6 hours (battery 100% charged)
Dust container: 0.9 l useable volume
Soft touch handle
Weight: 3kg

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