CUCKOO CRP-CHSR1011FTHK IH Pressure Rice Cooker

CUCKOO CRP-CHSR1011FTHK IH Pressure Rice Cooker
Capacity: 1.8L (max. 10 cups of rice) / 5L
2.0 kgf/cm² pressure cooking shortens the cooking time. Cooked food keeps its original flavor and delicious in taste.
Stainless 60° Curved shape inner pot
Turbo rice cooking mode (Approx. 13 minutes quick cook function)
Colour: Dark Brown
IH cooking technology creates high efficiency and even conduction, enhancing flexibility in changing environmental adoption
19 cooking modes (Glutinous Rice, Mixed Rice, Brown Rice, Sushi Rice, Nutritious Rice, Turbo Glutinous Rice, Turbo Mixed Rice, Glutinous Rice High Heat, Mixed Rice High Heat, Brown Rice High Heat, Nutritious Rice High Heat,  GABA Rice, Porridge, Soft Glutinous Rice,  Multi Cook, Chicken Soup, Ferment Bread, Bread Baking, Nu Rung Ji)
Energy-Eye power saving mode
Voice guide setting (English, Cantonese and Putonghua)
Soft touch control
LED display
Inner pot handle
Auto clean function
16 combinations for customized cooked rice taste setting
69-80°C customized keep warm temperature setting
Detachable cover and stainless inner cover
3 time settings for cooking GABA rice (2, 4 & 6 Hours)
Made in Korea
Inner Pot Capacity (Approx.):5L
Rice Cooking Capacity (Approx.):1.8L (2-10 cups of rice)
Rated power:
Cooking:1455 W
Warming:630 W
Max. keep warm time:24 hrs
Max. preset time:13 hrs
Cooking functions:
Glutinous Rice
Mixed Rice
Brown Rice
Sushi Rice
Nutritious Rice
Turbo Glutinous Rice
Turbo Mixed Rice
Glutinous Rice High Heat
Mixed Rice High Heat
Brown Rice High Heat
Nutritious Rice High Heat
Soft Glutinous Rice
Multi Cook
Chicken Soup
Ferment Bread
Bread Baking
Nu Rung Ji
Voice guide:English, Cantonese & Putonghua
Inner pot lid:Stainless steel
Inner pot material:
Inner:Xwall Stainless
Outer:Full Stainless + Air Bubble Coating
Keep warm temperature setting:69-80°C
Energy-Eye power saving mode
Inner pot handle
Auto clean function
Sound reminder after cooking
Keep warm time display
Reheat function
Weight (Approx.):8.2 kg
Product dimension (Approx.) (WxDxH):303 x 419 x 290 mm
Accessory list :
Measuring cup
Steam plate
Clean pin and brush kit
Warranty:2-year for Hong Kong and Macau district,1-year for China district

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