German Pool MS-101 Far Infrared Tapping Massager

German Pool MS-101 Far Infrared Tapping Massager
German Pool’s newly launched Far Infrared Health Care Series gives you a variety of health benefits. With the advanced FIR Energy Spots, the products employ BIO-ACT technology to turn far-infrared (FIR) energy into nano structure, emitting healthy FIR rays (4-14μm) that penetrate human skin to bring about resonance in the body. Such resonance promotes cell activation and proliferation, helping to foster blood circulation, boost metabolism, relieve pains and muscle stiffness.
Reducing fatigue without post-massage muscle soreness
Soothing muscle stiffness and easing torticollis
Fostering blood circulation around the neck, shoulder, back and waist
Relieving pains and improving joint flexibility
Helping to prevent injuries induced by sports or work
Boosting metabolism and facilitating body detoxification
Far Infrared Health Care Technology
12 Intensity Levels
Effective Heat Therapy
LCD Display
26 Massage Programs
Overheat Protection Safety Feature
10-minute Auto Timer
Perfect Ergonomic Design
Power:80 W
Massage System:FIR, Heating, Tapping, Vibration
Timer:10 min
Remote Control:N/A
Dimensions:(H) 200 (W) 110 (D) 400 mm
Packing Dimensions:(H) 230 (W) 115 (D) 420 mm
Net Weight:3 kg
Gross Weight With Packing (KG):3 kg
Certification / Standard:CE
Warranty Term:1 Year

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