German Pool CKY-285 7 Litre Halogen Cooking Pot

German Pool CKY-285 7 Litre Halogen Cooking Pot
All-In-One design with multiple functions
Safe & easy operation
Compact Size Fits in Any Kitchen
New digital time and temperature control.The one-press screen control panel allows precise control and monitoring of cooking temperature and time.
Expandable Capacity.  Simply press a button to pull up the extendable arm and insert the Ring Extension. The capacity can then be increased from 7 L to 10 L.
"Easy-Lift" Pot Lid,without the need to set aside the lid, the unique, convenient design keeps the kitchen cluster-free.
Halogen 3-Way Efficient Heating.  Infrared rays cook rapidly through heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. The excess fat in the food is forced out, waiving the need for additional cooking oil. What’s more, this way of cooking emits no harmful radiation during the process!
No oil is needed during the preparation and cooking processes. Heat waves can penetrate directly into the meat. It effectively drives out fat and reduces grease in food. Thus, the cholesterol content can be kept to a minimum.
14 Cooking Modes. Combining the electric grill, rice cooker, conventional oven, microwave oven, toaster, stewing pot and skillet into one machine. Unique one-touch function keys are designed to cook various dishes automatically. They also enables flexible time and speed adjustment.
User-friendly feature:
Auto-Pause feature
"Easy-Lift" cooking pot lid.
Expandable Capacity
Lid Lock Protection
Self Cleaning:
1.Dissolve Grease with Steam. Fill Glass Container half-full with clean water. Press Turbo button to dissolve grease with hot steam. Remove water. Repeat once.
2.Sterilize with Heat. Press Turbo button to sterilize and dry the Glass Container with high heat.
3.Air-Dry. Open lid to air-dry and cool down Halogen Cooking Pot. Done.
Low Rack
High Rack
Ring Extension
Plate Lifter
Frying Pan
Baking Pan
Casserole Pot (Optional)
Oil Mist Sprayer (Optional)
Cookbook (Optional)
Recipe DVD (Optional)
Voltage:220-240 V
Power:1,000 W
Capacity:7(+3) L
“Easy-Lift” Cooking Pot Lid:Yes
Dimensions:(H) 322 (W) 277 (D) 405 mm
Packing Dimensions:(H) 373 (W) 370 (D) 345 mm
Net Weight:4.5 kg
Gross Weight With Packing (KG):6.9 kg
Supplied Accessories: High Rack, Low Rack, Frying Plate,Baking Plate, Plate Lifter, Ring Extension
Temperature:50 °C - 250 °C
Control Panel:Button Control
Fan Speeds:N/A
Expandable Capacity:Yes
Other Functions: Auto-Pause Feature, Lid Lock Protection
Warranty Term:1 Year

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