KDK RXL35H nanoe™ Air Purifier

KDK RXL35H nanoe™ Air Purifier
Incorporates nanoe™ air purifying technology
Composite filter can remove fine particles PM2.5 and inhibit viruses, bacteria and 17 kinds of allergens
Super nanotechnology deodorizing filter removes odor such as smokes from cigarettes and 99% formaldehyde**
When the room is much polluted, use Turbo mode to operate in maximum speed for 10 minutes to remove the pollutants quickly
Color: White (Blue Control Panel)
nanoe™ is effective in suppressing up to 99.99% viruses and bacteria such as Influenza Virus(H1N1,H5N1), Escherichia Coli(O157) and Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA)#
nanoe™ inhibits up to 99% H3N2 influenza^
nanoe™ penetrates into fabrics thoroughly and inhibits allergens and removes odors#
nanoe™ generates through condensation and ionization of moisture in air,eliminates the need of nanoe™ unit replacement
The 3D Circulation Airflow is divided into two modes, Side Airflow and Front Airflow, to remove pollutants respectively
Sleep mode
Air quality indicator
Odor sensor
Turbo Timer
Operation Mode:High / Medium / Low / Auto
Applicable area(Air purifying):26m² (approx. 283ft²)
Dimension(mm):520 (H) x 300 (W) x 189 (D)
Composite Filter:ZXLP35H
Suggested Composite Filter Lifetime:3 (years)
Deodorizing Filter:ZXLD35H
Suggested Composite Filter Lifetime:3 (years)
* The life time of filters change according to the use situation
# For testing details, please browse:http://www.peshk.panasonic.hk/upload_files/nanoe_evidence.pdf
^Test laboratory:Wuhan University Institue of Medical Virology
**Test laboratory:Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology
Power:21 / 9 / 6 Wattage (W)
Voltage:220 Voltage (V)
Frequency:50 Hertz (Hz)
Air Volume:3.5 / 2.0 / 1.0 Cubic meters per min (m3/h)
Noise Level:18-44 Decibel (dB(A))
Applicable Area:26m² (approx. 283ft²)
Weight:4.8 Kilogram (kg)

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