Philips AC4072 592 sq ft Smart Sensor Living Room Air Purifier

Philips   AC4072   592 sq ft Smart Sensor Living Room Air Purifier

Control Panel: oyster metallic
Fan speed indicators: on control panel
Front Cover: metallic white
Materials of main body: ABS plastic
Product dimensions (W x D x H): 200 x 355 x 640 mm
Product weight: 7.2 kg
Ring: oyster silver
Side Panel: oyster metallic
Country of origin: Korea
AC filter: AC4143
HEPA filter: AC4144
Multi-care filter: AC4141
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 220-240 V
Air quality sensor(s): particle
Cord length: 2 m
Noise level: 20 (Silent) - 50 (Boost Power) dB
Effective area: up to 55 m² (592 ft²)
Wattage: 47 W
CADR (dust and pollen): 320 m³/h
CADR (smoke): 270 m³/h
Filters out ammonia: 100% JEM 1467
Filters out bacteria: 99.9%
Filters out benzene: 100% JEM 1467
Filters out formaldehyde: 96% JEM1467 (run at hi speed over 60mins inside 1m³ box)
Filters out yellow sand: 99.5% JEM1467
Filters off fine particles: >20 nanometers including some viruses* (* According to publications of World Health Organization, the avian influenza, human influenza viruses and Legionella are larger than 20 nanometers.)
Filters out dust/smoke/pollen: >99.9% (0.3 micron)
Filters out harmful gases: refer formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia



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