High-density Plasmacluster Ion (HD PCI)
By using high voltage, Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit produces high density of Plasmacluster Ion. High-density Plasmacluster Ion can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses*1, bacteria and allergens. 
It can also suppress the growth of mold and remove odor.

Control of the Airflow by Horizontal and Vertical Swing
The angle of airflow can be controlled as desired. The airflow can be controlled to match the room size and usage purpose.

"Ion Mode" for Selecting Plasmacluster Operation
With a touch of a button, you can select the "Room Cleaning Mode" for purifying room air or the "Clothes Deodorizing Mode" for removing odors clinging to clothes hanging inside to dry.

Triple Sensors for Optimum Operation
Temperature Sensor and Humidity Sensor
A temperature sensor and a humidity sensor detect the room temperature and humidity when using with an air conditioner, thereby automatically controlling the air volume.
Light Intensity Sensor
A light intensity sensor automatically lowers the air volume when the room becomes dark, as well as reducing the display indicator brightness, which are convenient functions for use in a bedroom.

Slim and Stylish Design
Slim body is ideal for use in both residence houses, small or home office. It is also suitable for bedroom, living room and dining room etc. The stylish design of the unit can act as a part of interior design of your home.

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