DRYMASTER DM-228R Thermo Ventilators

-25% DRYMASTER DM-228R  Thermo Ventilators
Installation : Ceiling-mounted
Outlook colour : Ivory
Power source: 220V/50Hz
Dehumidification Capacity: 20L/ 24 hours (30˚C 80 RH %), 8.41L/ 24 hours (26.7˚C 60 RH %)
Dehumidification, Clothes Drying air flow: High Speed: 330m3/ hour, Low Speed: 240m3/hour
Power consumption for Dehumidification, Clothes Drying: 350W-1550W
Operation current of Dehumidification, Clothes Drying: 8A
Power Consumption for space heating: 1200W
Remote controller: Remote Control
GeRms control device: UV Lamp and Titaniumidioxide 
Net Weight: 24 kg
Cover Dimension: 590(W) x 620(D) x 25 (H)
False ceiling cut out Dimension: 540(W) x 570(D)
DryMaster- A unqiue built-in solution for home dehumidifying, air purifing and clothes drying.
The ceiling-mounted design saves your storage space, dehumidifing your bathroom while thoroughly drying your clothes in rapid process. Unlike similar products in the market which use heating element mechanism to dry your clothes, Drymaster, with a natural dehumidifying mechanism, will not damage your delicate clothing and overheat your bathroom. Drymastser can dry up to 5 kgs of cotton clothing within 4 hours *
Designed to consume less electricity, it reduces your energy cost by over 50% when compare with other standard heater or dryer. This ceiling-mounted multi-functional dryer is your smart choice forhome living enhancement.
* Drying clothes efficiency may vary from different type of clothing, temperature and humidity conditions
Over 50% energy cost savings than other standard heater dryer.
‧Efficiently dehumidify your bathroom and prevents odour and bacteria growth.
‧Offer a comfortable and warm bathroom especially during winter time.
‧Pioneer application of compressor operation technology specially designed for ceilingmounted drymaster.
Excellent drying clothes, dehumidifying, air purifying and space heating efficiency.
‧Standard installation: Including connection of power supply and drain pipe by surface mounting within bathroom ; plus fixing the dryer on the ceiling.
Additional works such as cutting/opening on the false ceiling, ceiling level modification, installation of downlight or aluminum false ceiling can be provided with additional charges.
The advantages of TiO2 technology
‧TiO2 can decompose harmful organic material and reduce the breeding of germs and help to eliminate the unpleasant odor in the environment.
‧The co-ordination of UV Lamp and Titaniumdioxide can kill germs efficiently by 99.997 % which includes Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and Ringworm and other bacteria types.
‧TiO2 can largely prevent odor and bacteria growth.
‧TiO2 is recognized by the U.S. FDA Food Inspection Center for high substances safety which is non-toxic to human beings.
‧TiO2 has been widely adopted and applied in Japan. With the application of TiO2 for Drymaster, it provides an healthy environment for your home livings.

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