Yomi YI-4010 2.2kg 900rpm Mini Tub Washer

Yomi   YI-4010   2.2kg 900rpm Mini Tub Washer

Mini soft type 2.2 kg
High water level
Automatic washing machine
Slim body design
Stainless steel liner
Automatic Laundry
Automatic power-off system
Save electricity
Easy to use
Dimensions: (H x Kuo x D) 690x430x430mm
Washing Capacity: 2.2KG
Speed​​: 900 rpm
Original 1 year warranty

2015/11/25前 Before2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :2
2015/11/25後 After 2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :5


Country of origin China
Energy label Grade 5
Spin speed 900rpm
TYPE Tub Washers
Washing load 5kg or below

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  • HK$1,370

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