Panasonic CS-PS12QKA 1.5HP Split Type Air-Conditioner

Panasonic CS-PS12QKA 1.5HP Split Type Air-Conditioner
1 1/2 HP (Cooling Model - With Remote Control)
11,600 Btu/h
2015/11/25前 Before2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :1
2015/11/25後 After 2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :2
Cooling Capacity (COP) : 3.24
ECONAVI helps you save energy efficiently with uninterrupted cooling and comfort. It features Sunlight Sensor that can detect and reduce waste by optimising air conditioner operation according to room conditions
"Inverter" adjusts output power finely to maintain a constant temperature and save energy
Anti-bacterial filter inhibits viruses, bacteria, allergens and mould
Environmental Friendly R410A Refrigerant
Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Condenser
24-Hour Dual On/Off Setting Timer
Dimension(H x W x D):295 x 870 x 255mm
CU-PS12QKA (Outdoor Unit)
Dimension(H x W x D):542 x 780 x 289mm
Outdoor power supply
Air Conditioner attribute
Energy Label Grade 1
Hot&Cool Cool Inverter
HP 1.5HP
Type Split Type

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