Daikin FTNE35MV18 1.5HP Split Type Air Conditioner

Daikin FTNE35MV18 1.5HP Split Type Air Conditioner
Indoor unit:FTNE35MV18
Outdoor unit: RNE35MV1
Capacity: 3.35kW, 11,450Btu/h
Power supply: 1 phase, 220V, 50Hz
Running current: 5A
Power consumption: 1,063W
COP: 3.15 W/W
Indoor Unit(FTNE35MV18):
Front panel color: Almond white
Airflow rate: 8.1(286) m/min (cfm)
Fan speed: 5 steps and automatic
Sound pressure level(H/L): 39/33 db(A)
Dimensions(mm): 273H x 784W x 195D
Machine weight: 8kg
Outdoor Unit(RNE35MV1)
Casing color: Ivory white
Compressor: Type-Hermetically sealed rotary type ; Motor output-760W
Refrigerant: Type-R410A; Charge-0.88kg
Sound pressure level: 51 db(A)
Dimensions(mm):550H x 658W x 275D
Machine weight: 32kg
Operation range: 19.4 to 46 CDB
Piping connection: Liquid-6.4mm ; Gas-12.7mm ; Drain-18.0mm
Max. piping lenght: 20m
Max. level difference: 15m
Air Conditioner attribute
HP 1.5HP
Type Split Type

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