MIELE ESW6214 CleanSteel 14cm 低溫烹調保溫抽屜

MIELE ESW6214 CleanSteel 14cm 低溫烹調保溫抽屜
14 cm Gourmet warming drawer
with the low temperature cooking function - much more than a warming drawer.
Ultimate enjoyment with Low temperature cooking
Versatile use thanks to four operating modes
Convenient and easy - Touch operation
Easiest handling - Push2Open
Safe is safe - Timer function with automatic switch off
Low-temperature cooking
The perfect programme for all types of meat
For perfect results: With low temperatures, meat recipes automatically become specialities.
Touch controls
Simply convenient: programme selection is via a flush touch panel which is easy to clean.
Heat guaranteed: All built-in food warming drawers feature a 4-hour timer which switches off automatically.
Fully telescopic runners
Simply practical: the drawer can be pulled out completely for easy loading and unloading.
Four operating modes
Multi-purpose use: Warming cups and plates, keeping food warm or cooking at low temperatures.
Fully telescopic runners
Simply practical: the drawer can be pulled out completely for easy loading and unloading.
Lots of guests, a lot of crockery: depending on the model, crockery for up to 12 persons can be pre-heated.
Push2open mechanism
Easy to open: slight pressure is sufficient to activate this function.
Perfect serving temperature
Individual and precise control: depending on requirements and taste, the temperature can be precisely controlled.
Non-slip liner
All items are safely positioned: crockery does not slide around when the drawer is opened or closed.
Connection with coffee machine
Always on time: by programming the coffee machine, the cups are pre-warmed.
Cleaning made easy: the high-quality surface finish makes cleaning the appliances extremely easy.
Gourmet Versatility:
Gentle defrosting guaranteed - without loss of quality.
-Melting chocolate
Something everyone has experienced, chocolate has to be melted to the exact temperature for cakes.
-Dissolving gelatin
Panna cotta is prepared to perfection with gelatin.
-Proving yeast dough
Yeast dough is particularly suited for cakes, biscuits and pizza. Preparation is easier than you think.
-Allowing rice to swell
Perfect in all variations, particularly puddings.
-Making yoghurt
For various applications: when baking or as a dessert.
-Veal and beef
Low temperature cooking brings out the strong aromatic flavours of these meats and guarantees perfect cooking.
-Lamb and poultry
Low temperature cooking guarantees gentle cooking of these meats and achieves succulent and tender results.
Fish is good for body and soul.
Sweet temptations for dessert: for example for meringue
-Side dishes
Side dishes are not often the centre of attention and yet choosing the right one can be crucial to the whole menu.
-Breakfast cereals
An ideal start to the day with a good breakfast.
PureLine: •
ContourLine: •
Colour: Stainless steel/Clean Steel
Stainless steel trim: Narrow
Glass fascia panel with sensor controls: •
Control panel with symbols: •
Handleless: •
Convenience features 
Prewarming of crockery: •
Keeping food warm for menu cooking: •
Perfect cooking results at low temperatures: •
Precise electronic temperature control from 40 to 85°C: •
Operating modes 
Warm cups: •
Warm plates: •
Keeping food warm: •
Low temperature cooking: •
User convenience 
Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading: •
Push-to-Open mechanism: •
Stop programming/Timer function: •
Capacity: 6 place settings
Connection with coffee machine possible: •
Cleaning convenience 
Stainless steel front with CleanSteel surface: •
Flush touch display: •
Cool front: •
Non-slip liner: •
Safety cut-out: •
Technical data 
Appliance width in mm: 595
Appliance height in mm: 141
Appliance depth in mm: 570
Useable interior height in mm: 80
Voltage in V: 230
Total connected load in kW: 0,7
Fuse rating in A: 10
Number of phases: 1
Frequency in Hz: 50
Cable length in m: 2,0
Standard accessories 
Non-slip liner: 1
Low temperature cooking recipe book: 1


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