Miele DA5320W 煙囪式抽油煙機

-10% Miele DA5320W 煙囪式抽油煙機
Power : 1300 m³/h
Colour : Stainless steel
Customisation possible on request
Variable height available as special order
Operating modes 
Type of air guide : air extraction
User convenience : 
Electronic controls
Light-touch switches with LED
Power levels (number excl. Intensive) : 3
Intensive setting
Programmable 'Intensive' switch-off
Run-on time 5/15 mins.
Programmable grease filter saturation indicator
Acoustic package
Cleaning convenience 
Easy-to-clean CleanCover hood liner
Filter system 
Dishwasher-proof stainless steel grease filters  : 4
Lighting : 
Number x W : 5 x 20 W
Colour temperature in K : 3.000
Light intensity in Lx : 640
Light dimmer function
Dual-action fan
AC motor
Safety switch-off
Technical data :
Minimum distance above electric hobs in mm : 450
Minimum height above gas hob in mm  : 650
Net weight in kg : 45.0
Length of electrical cable in m : 1.5
Standard plug fitted
Total connected load in W : 600
Voltage in V : 230
Frequenz in Hz : 50
Fuse rating in : 10A
Number of phases : 1
Installation notes: 
Vent connection at top and rear
Diameter of vent connection in mm : 200
Telescopic chimney
Telescopic wall bracket
Accessories supplied 
Non-return flap
Dimensions : 120H x 1200W x D520mm
Overall hood height for vented and external in mm 740-1170
One Year Warranty

尺寸 90cm以上
種類 煙囪式


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  • HK$40,000
  • HK$36,000

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