Teka DU90/GB 煙囟式抽油煙機

Teka DU90/GB 煙囟式抽油煙機
Touch control digital display  
LED lamps  
3 speeds + Intensive  
Selected speed digital indicator  
Aspiration time programmer  
Decorative metallic filters  
Easy cleaning inner panel  
Filter saturation indicator  
Dimensions 900W (mm)
Power Supply 220-240V / 50Hz
Light power 4 x 3W
Motor power 230W
Maximum power 242W
Air outlet 150 Ø mm
Reduction outlet (Ø150 / Ø120) 150/120 Ø mm
Optional recirculation kit Set 1/M
Exhaust capacity, test conditions 1,200m3/h
Exhaust capacity, free outlet 850m3/h
Exhaust capacity, UNE EN 61591 240-780m3/h
Sound power level dBA UNE EN 60704-2-13 40-70dBA
Maximum recommended kitchen size 44m2
Number of motors 1 DT
Number of speeds 3+1
Stop delay timer
Easy-clean inside panel
Metal filters



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