Teka DH2-120/ISLA 煙囟式抽油煙機

Teka DH2-120/ISLA 煙囟式抽油煙機
850 m3/h Free outlet extraction  
3 speeds + intensive speed  
Backlit electronic panel with display  
Halogen lamps  
Selected speed digital indicator  
Stop delay timer  
Metallic filters  
Easy cleaning inner panel  
Reinforced crystal upper structure  
Double turbine motor  
Dimensions 1200W (mm)
Power Supply 220-240V
Light power 4 x 20W
Motor power 230W
Maximum power 310W
Air outlet 150 Ømm
Reduction outlet (Ø150 / Ø120) 150/120 Ømm
Optional recirculation kit Set 1/T
Exhaust capacity, free outlet 850m3/h
Exhaust capacity, UNE EN 61591 240-780m3/h
Sound power level dBA UNE EN 60704-2-13 40-70 dBA
Maximum recommended kitchen size 44m2
Number of motors 1 DT
Double turbine motor
Number of speeds 3+1
Stop delay timer
Easy-clean inside panel
Metal filters


尺寸 90cm以上
抽吸功能 活性碳過濾網
產地 歐洲
種類 煙囪式


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