BOSCH 博世 DKE908PMY 90cm 煙囪式抽油煙機

BOSCH 博世 DKE908PMY 90cm 煙囪式抽油煙機
Product features
Strong and smooth air flowing channel, efficient motor and impeller, better exhaust effect
Professional oil cllection channel, patented filter fast captures the condensed grease which then flows to the oil cup
Patented double filter, highly effective exhaust and filtering
Max. extraction rate: 860 m³/h
Noise level: 69 dB
Rocker switches control
Total power of the motors: 150 W
Appliance material: Stainless steel
Design line: 90cm pyramid
Smooth cavity with no air flowing dead corner
Smooth cavity with no dirty dead corner, get rid of cleaning trouble
Thinner sensual design, thin shell structure almost the same height as cavity
Appliance size (H x W x D): 595-880 mm x 900 mm x 530 mm
尺寸 90cm
種類 煙囪式


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