MIELE DA424V 120cm 島式抽油煙機

MIELE DA424V 120cm 島式抽油煙機
Island cooker hoods
with dimmable halogen lighting and light-touch switches for easy operation.
Always at the right height - motorised height adjustment
Powerful - 700 in the 'Intensive' setting
Pleasantly quiet - Miele acoustic package
Practical - 5 or 15 minutes automatic fan run-on
Timeless design - 1.198 wide stainless steel cooker hood
Just for you: Cooker hoods can be customised to suit your requirements.
Miele CleanCover
Protection and easy cleaning: the smooth concealed surface prevents contact with electrical components and motor.
Stainless steel grease filters (10-layer)
Convenient cleaning: The high-quality metal grease filters are dishwasher-proof and extremely durable.
Efficient and quiet: The motor, chimney and canopy are specially insulated for effective sound-proofing.
Run-on function
Odour-free room air: after cooking, the fan can be set to switch off automatically after a 5 or 15 minute run-on period.
Filter indicator
Easy filter replacement: A red light lets you know when the grease and/or active charcoal filter is saturated.
Hood in motion 
Best possible ergonomics: The cooker hood canopy automatically moves to the ideal working position. 
Design flexibility
Clear design, intelligent technology: you can choose between many models and features.
Automatic 'Intensive' switch-off
Full power when required: the Intensive setting is efficient at extracting strong cooking vapours and odours.
High-quality and powerful motors
Powerful and quiet: Radial fans on both sides ensure high air throughput and extraction with low noise levels.
Handcrafted in Germany
Know-how and craftsmanship: All our knowledge is poured into every cooker hood, from development to production.
Perfect processing
Unique characteristics of Miele hoods: precise contours and precision joints.
Safety switch-off
Sensible, even in case of operating errors: the cooker hood will switch itself off automatically after 10 operating hours.
Colour: Stainless steel
Customisation possible on request: •
Variable height available as special order: •
Operating modes 
Type of air guide: air extraction
User convenience 
Electronic controls: •
Light-touch switches with LED: •
Power levels (number excl. Intensive): 3
Intensive setting: •
Programmable 'Intensive' switch-off: •
Run-on time 5/15 mins.: •
Grease filter saturation indicator: •
Programmable grease filter saturation indicator: •
Acoustic package: •
Motor-operated cooker hoods: •
Cleaning convenience 
Easy-to-clean CleanCover hood liner: •
Filter system 
Dishwasher-proof stainless steel grease filters: 6
Halogen: •
Number x W: 4 x 20 W
Colour temperature in K: 3.000
Light intensity in Lx: 480
Light dimmer function: •
Dual-action fan: •
AC motor: •
Air throughput with max. duct diameter in vented mode (not for external version) 
Air throughput in setting 1 (m³/h) according to EN 61591: 200
Air throughput in setting 2 (m³/h) according to EN 61591: 320
Air throughput in setting 3 (m³/h) according to EN 61591: 480
Air throughput in Intensive setting (m³/h) according to EN 61591: 700
Noise power level in setting 1 (dB(A) re 1 pW) according to EN 60704-3: 42
Noise power level in setting 2 (dB(A) re 1 pW) according to EN 60704-3: 51
Noise power level in setting 3 (dB(A) re 1 pW) according to EN 60704-3: 59
Noise power level in Intensive setting (dB(A) re 1 pW) according to EN 60704-3: 67
Noise pressure level in setting 1 (dB(A) re 20 µPa) according to EN 60704-2-13: 29
Noise pressure level in setting 2 (dB(A) re 20 µPa) according to EN 60704-2-13: 40
Noise pressure level in setting 3 (dB(A) re 20 µPa) according to EN 60704-2-13: 49
Noise pressure level in Intensive setting (dB(A) re 20 µPa) according to EN 60704-2-13: 56
Safety switch-off: •
Technical data 
Overall hood height for vented and external in mm: 730-1.030
Canopy width in mm: 1.198
Height of hood carcase in mm: 70
Depth of hood carcase in mm: 698
Minimum distance above electric hobs in mm: 550
Minimum height above gas hob (max. 12.6 kW total power, burner ? 4.5 kW) in mm: 650
Net weight in kg: 47,0
Length of electrical cable in m: 0,0
Hard-wired: •
Total connected load in kW: 0,46
Voltage in V: 230
Fuse rating in A: 10
Frequenz in Hz: 50
Number of phases: 1
Installation notes 
Vent connection at top: •
Diameter of vent connection in mm: 150
Telescopic chimney: •
Floating chimney fixture: •
Accessories supplied 
Non-return flap: •


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