SMEG CX68CM8 60CM 電磁爐連多功能焗爐

SMEG CX68CM8 60CM 電磁爐連多功能焗爐
Lower heating element only
This function is ideal for foods that require extra base temperature without browning, e.g. pastry dishes, pizza. Also suitable for slow cooking of stews and casseroles.
This method is known as "conventional" cooking, and is suitable for dishes that require a more gentle heat, such as baking. The oven needs to be pre-heated to the required temperature, and is best suited for single items, such as large cakes e.g. Christmas cake. Best results are obtained by placing food in the centre of the oven.
The use of the fan with both elements allows food to be cooked quickly and effectively on a number of shelves. Ideal for roasts and large joints that require thorough cooking. There is no transference of smells or flavours when using this function. This function offers a similar result to rotisserie, it moves the heat around the food, instead of moving the food itself, enabling any size or shape to be cooked, and not only items that will fit onto a rotisserie.
Fan with grill element
Please note: cooking in this mode is conducted with the door closed. The fan reduces the fierce heat from the grill, providing an excellent method for grilling a range of foods, chops, steaks, sausages etc. without having to turn the food during cooking. This gives good results, reduces drying out of foods, and gives even browning and heat distribution, the top two shelves being recommended for use. The lower area of the cavity can also be used to keep other items warm at the same time. An excellent facility to use when cooking a grilled breakfast.
Heat is generated only at the centre of the element, so ideal for smaller quantities.
This allows rapid cooking and browning of foods. Best results can be obtained from using the top shelf for small items, the lower shelves for larger items, such as chops or sausages. Cooking using this method should be carried out with the door closed, unless instructed to do otherwise.
With the switch on this symbol, no heating is possible even if the thermostat is turned.
Programs / Functions
Cleaning system: Hidrolytic
N° of functions: 8
Design: Round design Design
Aesthetics: Classic
Oven door: Full glass
Upstand: yes
Command panel finish: Stainless steel
Knob type: Smeg Classic
Handle: Smeg Classic
Display type: electronic 5 buttons
Oven door glass type: Stopsol
Feet: Silver grey
Hob technical features
Total cook zones: 4
Front left - Ceramic - double - 750 W + 1450 W - Ø D212 mm
Rear left - Ceramic - single - 750 W + 1450 W - Ø D147 mm
Rear right - Ceramic - extendible - 1400 W + 800 W - Ø 170x265 OV mm
Front right - Ceramic - single - 1300 W (booster 1400 W) - Ø D182 mm
Main Oven Technical Features
Main oven type: Termoventilated
Gross capacity (Lt) oven 1: 79
Cavity material: Ever Clean enamel
No of shelves: 5
Shelves type: Metal racks
No. of lights: 1
Time setting: Start and Stop
Removable door
Full glass inner door
Removable inner door
N° total door glasses: 2
Cooling system: Tangential
Grill elememt: 1700 W
Grill type: Electric
Large grill _ Power: 2700 W
Options Main Oven
End of cooking acustic alarm
Minimum Temperature: 40 °C
Maximum temperature: 260 °C
Accessories included Main Oven
Scraper: 1
Oven grid with back stop: 2
40mm deep tray: 1
Electrical Connection
Electrical connection rating: 10500 W
Current: 46 A
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz


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