Miele KWT6831SG 多功能紅酒櫃

-10% Miele KWT6831SG 多功能紅酒櫃
Freestanding wine conditioning unit
with extra versatility and style, thanks to FlexiFrame and Miele Noteboard.
Simultaneous wine storage in three separate temperature zones
Odourless refrigeration section thanks to Active AirClean filters
Put the storage of your wine in the perfect light - LED lighting
Optimum wine protection through UV filters in tinted glass front
Secure storage of wine bottles with pull-out racks
DynaCool (dynamic cooling)
Perfect storage conditions for food and wine
Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.
Eco information
Energy efficiency classification  B
Annual energy consumption in kWh 245
Energy consumption in 24 h in kWh  0.670
LED lighting
Maintenance free and economical: efficient and durable LEDs ensure perfect illumination of the interior. 
Closes quietly and reliably: the gently self-closing door prevents items from falling out. 
DynaCool (dynamic cooling)
Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.
FlexiFrame with NoteBoard
Simple to adjust: The individual slats can be adjusted for the bottle shape.
Active AirClean filters
Aroma retainment unsurpassed: the combination of active charcoal filter and chitosan, a natural product, effectively prevents odours. 
Temperature zones
Individual controls: up to three different types of wine requiring different temperatures can be stored at the same time.
Construction type
Free-standing: ‧
Door hinge side: right
Convertible hinging: ‧
Casing colour: stainless steel
Front colour: Tinted glass door/strip handle
Type of lighting refrigerator: LED
User convenience
Dynamic cooling: ‧
SoftClose door closing damper: ‧
Active AirClean filter and change indicator: ‧
No. of wooden shelves: 10
Flexible wooden shelves FlexiFrame: 10
Bottle pressenter: ‧
Electronic temperature display and control: TouchControl
No. of temperature zones: 3
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy efficiency clasification:  B
Annual energy consumption in kWh:  245
Energy consumption in 24 h in kWh:  0.670
Appliance networking
[email protected]: Pre-equipped
Lock function: ‧
Audible door alarm: ‧
Audible temperature alarm: ‧
Optical door alarm: ‧
Optical temperature alarm: ‧
Technical data
Niche width in mm: 0-0
niche height in mm: 0-0
Appliance height in mm: 1.920
Appliance width in mm: 700
Weight in kg: 145,0000
Appliance depth in mm: 742
Climatic classification: SN-ST
Wine conditioning zone volume in l: 502
No. of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles that can be stored: 178 bottles
Noise power level in dB(A) re 1 pW: 38
Current consumption in milliampere (mA): 1.000
Voltage in V: 220-240
Fuse rating in A: 10
Frequency in Hz: 50
Number of phases: 1
Cable length in m: 2,8


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  • HK$75,000
  • HK$67,500

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