GAGGENAU RW414361 內置式雙溫區酒櫃

GAGGENAU RW414361 內置式雙溫區酒櫃
Main facts:
Two independantly controllable climate zones
Consistant temperatures with exact control from +5 °C to +20 °C
Humidity control
Stainless steel interior
Fully extendable bottle trays in beech and aluminium
Presentation light option
Low-vibration operation
Capacity 70 bottles
Aluminium profiles of bottle trays and presenters for single bottle display can be labeled with Stabilo All 8046 pencil.
Electronic temperature control with digital display.
Dynamic cold air distribution.
Automatic defrosting with defrost water evaporation.
Antimicrobial activated charcoal air filter.
Energy-saving vacation mode.
Open-door and malfunction alarm.
Net volume 271 litres.
Capacity 70 bottles (based on 0.75/l standard bottles).
10 fully extendable bottle trays, up to 4 of which for storage of magnum bottles.
Space for max. 14 bottle trays or shelves in aluminium.
Interior lighting with 2 ceiling spots in the upper and 1 ceiling spot in the lower climate zone, can be used as presentation light.
Product rating:
Energy efficiency class B.
Energy consumption 228 kwh/year.
Noise level 42 dB (re 1 pW).
Total connected load 0.121 kW.
Connecting cable 3.0 m, pluggable.


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