Miele CM6310 ObsidianBlack 咖啡機

-10% Miele CM6310 ObsidianBlack 咖啡機
Countertop coffee machine
with OneTouch for Two feature and heated cup rack for perfect coffee.
Perfect milk froth for coffee specialities - Cappuccinatore
Perfect results and intense coffee flavour - AromaticSystem
Fully automatic perfection - OneTouch for Two
Convenient cleaning for care and mainten. - Cleaning programmes
Pre-warmed cups always to hand - heated cup surface
OneTouch and OneTouch for Two
For more enjoyment together
Single or double: Extra programmes for making one or two cappuccinos or latte macchiatos.
Minimum effort required: Hot milk or creamy milk froth is delivered straight to the cup, glass or jug.
Intelligent technology: The brew chamber mixes coffee and water perfectly.
Low noise levels
Barely audible: Quietly ground coffee with perfect results every time.
Heated cup surface
Particularly convenient: Thanks to the heated cup surface, pre-heated cups are always available.
Timer functions
For coffee when you want it: switch-on and switch-off times can be programmed as required.
Ground coffee drawer
Quick and to your taste: There is no need to change the beans for a second type of coffee, e.g. decaf coffee.
Places every cup in the spotlight: soft LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.
Timer function
For coffee when you want it: switch-on and switch-off times can be programmed as required.
Eco mode
True energy savings: in eco mode, the appliance heats up automatically just before the preparation process starts.
Thorough cleaning and long lasting care: many components are dishwasher-proof.
Easily removable brew unit
Easy to remove and clean: The guarantee for impeccable hygiene, long service life and perfect coffee enjoyment.
System lock
Peace of mind: The lock mechanism prevents unintentional operation, for example g. by children.
Conical grinding mill
For best coffee aroma: the mill grinds the coffee beans very evenly and thoroughly.
Intelligent technology: The brew chamber mixes coffee and water perfectly.
Individual settings
As you desire: Select coffee amount, grinder setting, temperature, water amount and save settings for repeat use.
Speciality Drinks:
Excels with its distinctive intense flavour and a thick crema. 
Simply made with water and freshly ground coffee. 
-Long coffee
A greater amount is dispensed than a normal coffee, so even your favourite mug is completely full. 
A concentrated, strong espresso. The same amount of ground coffee is prepared with very little water.
A perfect combination of espresso and creamy hot milk froth. 
-Caffè latte
In contrast to cappuccino, it is made from hot milk and espresso.
-Latte macchiato 
A composition of strong espresso, hot milk and milk froth.
Colour: Obsidian black
Display: DirectSensor
Beverage specialities 
Espresso: •
Coffee: •
Long coffee: •
Cappuccino: •
Ristretto: •
Latte macchiato: •
Caffè latte: •
Hot water: •
Hot milk: •
Milk froth: •
Consumer benefits 
OneTouch preparation: •
One Touch and OneTouch for Two: •
Second type of coffee possible using ground coffee: •
Flavour preserving conical grinding unit: •
User profiles programmable: 4
Grinding grade selectable: •
Ground quantity programmable: •
Water quantity programmable: •
Water temperature programmable: •
Amount of milk can be programmed: •
Amount of milk froth can be programed: •
Pre-brewing programmable: •
User convenience 
Choice of language: •
Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout in cm: 8-14
Heated cup storage area: •
BrilliantLight: •
Easily accessible containers: •
Capacity of coffee bean container in g: 300
Capacity of water container in l: 1,8
Capacity of waste container in capsules: 12-14
Programmable switch-on time: •
Programmable switch-off timw: •
Programmable stand-by time: •
Cleaning convenience 
Convenient cleaning programmes: •
Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework from the water container: 
Automatic rinse function: •
ComfortClean: •
Removable milk pipework: •
Removable brew unit: •
Efficiency and sustainability 
Energy-saving Eco mode option: •
System lock: •
Technical data 
Niche width in mm: 450-450
Niche height in mm: 508-508
Niche depth in mm: 555
Appliance width in mm: 251
Appliance depth in mm: 427
Applicance height in mm: 359
Fuse rating in A: 10
Voltage in V: 220-240
Total connected load in kW: 1,5
Number of phases: 1
Length of electrical cable in m: 1,4
Accessories supplied 
Descaling agent: •
Cleaning tablets: •
Stainless steel thermal milk flask: •
Coffee spoon for ground coffee: •


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