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Home-Heating Product-Water Heater-Town Gas Water Heaters-德國寶 German Pool GPS16-TG 16.0L Water Heater (Town Gas)
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德國寶 German Pool GPS16-TG 16.0L Water Heater (Town Gas)


German Pool 德國寶



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德國寶 German Pool GPS16-TG 16.0L Water Heater (Town Gas)

16L hot water supply per min.
Hot water supply between 30°C-65°C with heat efficiency up to 88%
Automatic electronic control with soft-touch control keys and digital display
Self-inspection system
Error code display
Optional corded remote control module available
"Safety Seal" protection system
Top flue and back flue models available
5-year warranty on all parts (free on-site service for the first year)
Model # GPS16-TG
Fuel Type Towngas (TG)
Colour White
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Electric Power 33 W
Heat Load 34 kW
Exhaust Discharge Style
Forced-draft Flue (Top) Forced-draft Flue (Back)
Gas Consumption Rate (Max.) 3.35 m³/h
Gas Consumption Rate (Min.) 0.63 m³/h
Maximum Hot Water Output (Δt = 25°C) 16 L/min
Minimum Hot Water Output (Δt = 25°C) 3 L/min
Heat Efficiency ≥79%
Temperature Control Range 30°C - 65 °C
Flue Pipe Size
Ø70 x Ø110 (U) Ø60 x Ø110 (B)
Size of Water Outlet / Gas Inlet / Water Inlet Gas 3/4; Hot/Cold water 1/2
Water Flow Control Automatic
Suitable Water Pressure 0.02 - 0.80 MPa (0.2-8 kgf/cm²)
Control Panel Electronic Soft-press Buttons
Dimensions 550 mm (H) 345 mm (W) 138 mm (D)
Net Weight 14 kg
Certification / Standard GU
Warranty Term* 5 Years*
* The warranty covers all parts (except plastic parts) for five years, plus first year' service fee for testing, labour transportation and installation (excluding any scaffolding costs).
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