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TGC TNJW160RFL 16 L/min Town Gas Water Heater




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TGC TNJW160RFL 16 L/min Town Gas Water Heater

Temperature-modulated Comfort Series

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
mm : 678 x 380 x 138
inch : 26.7 x 15 x 5.4
Flue Type
Fan Assisted Room-sealed Design
Permitted no. of remote controls 2
Dimensions Of Remote Control(s)
(Height x Width x Depth)
mm : 120 x 128 x 22
inch : 4.7 x 5 x 0.9
Max./Min. Gas Consumption MJ/hr(kW)
125.6 (34.9) - 20.9 (5.8)
Hot Water Supply
25°C Temp. Rise litre/min 16
Maximum Water Temperature
Setting (°C ) 75
Water Heater Pipe Connection(B.S.P)
Gas,Cold Water,Hot Water 1/2",1/2",1/2"
Min. Differential Operating
Water Pressure
lb : 10
p.s.i : 1.5
kg : 15
lb : 33

Electric Supply 220V a.c. (50Hz) electric supply

Colour and Material
Metallic silver

Other Features
1. Aesthetic design for modern bathroom
2. Instantaneous hot water at selected constant temperature
3. Automatic electronic ignition system
4. Digital water temperature display and control panel

1 Specifications subject to change without notice
2 Free parts with 3-year warranty
3 Free standard installation
4 free shipping

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