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Panasonic NNGD692S Microwave Oven


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Panasonic NNGD692S Microwave Oven

Capacity : 31L
Cooking Power :
(1) Microwave : 1,000W
(2) Grill : 1,100W
Turntable Size : 340mm
"Inverter" can control the microwave power more delicately than conventional system, and help save cooking time/electricity power
Trim Kit is available for "Built-in" installation (Trim Kit model : NN-TK612GS)
Cut Out Dimension(H x W x D) : 395±2 x 562+8 x 480mm
Trim Kit Dimension(H x W) : 410 x 596mm
Vent at Rear of Cabinet : D45mm
Minimum Installation Height : H850mm
(Trim Kit model NN-TK612GS only : HK$1,380)
3-Way Cooking :
(1) Microwave
(2) Grill
(3) Combination
"Inverter" Melt/Soften : Melt Butter/Chocolate,Soften Cream Cheese/Ice Cream
"Inverter" Turbo Defrost
Sensor Reheat
Auto Menu : 19 Categories
Dial Panel
Child Safety Lock
Colour : Metallic Silver (Mirror Screen)
Dimension(H x W x D) : 310 x 525 x 414mm
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