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GAGGENAU BX480/BX481 Built-in Electric Double Oven




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GAGGENAU BX480/BX481 Built-in Electric Double Oven


The BX 480/BX 481 consists of two ovens with a width of 76 cm, each of which features 17 different heating methods. This means that several dishes can be prepared simultaneously. Overall, the appliance has a net volume of 220 litres, which means 110 litres per oven.
Pyrolytic system
17 heating methods, with core temperature probe, rotisserie spit and baking stone function
TFT touch display
Electronic temperature control from 30 °C to 300 °C
2 x 110 litres net volume
Heating methods
Hot air.
Eco hot air.
Top + bottom heat.
Top + 1/3 bottom heat.
Top heat.
1/3 top + bottom heat.
Bottom heat.
Hot air + bottom heat.
Hot air + 1/3 bottom heat.
Full surface grill + circulated air.
Full surface grill.
Compact grill.
Baking stone function. 
Roaster function.
Dough proofing.
Keeping warm.
Rotary knob and TFT touch display operation.
Clear text display in 25 languages.
Information key with use indicators.
Side-opening door opens up to 180° angle.
Core temperature probe with automatic shut-off (lower oven).
Rotisserie spit (lower oven).
Baking stone socket.
Actual temperature display.
Rapid heating.
Timer functions: cooking time, cooking time end, timer, stopwatch, long-term timer.
60 W halogen light on the top.
10 W halogen light on the side.
Enamelled side shelf supports with 5 tray levels, pyrolysis-safe.
Thermally insulated door with quadruple glazing.
Child lock.
Safety shut-off.
Cooled housing with temperature protection.
Pyrolytic system.
Gaggenau enamel.
Heated air cleaning catalyser.
Energy efficiency class B.
Total connected load 9.2 kW.
Plan a connection cable.
Appliance Dimensions:H1428 x W752 x D547 (mm)
Built-in Dimensions:H1425 x W724 x D550 (mm)
One Year Warranty


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