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Roblin Cylindre/3 Premium Type Hood(White)



Roblin Cylindre/3 Premium Type Hood(Stainless steel)

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Roblin Cylindre/3 Premium Type Hood(White)

Exhaust volume: 870m3/hr 
White body 
275W Single Motor 
Electronic control 
3-speed selection + Strong suction 
10 minutes intensive speed automatic abort function 
Brightness adjustment 
Metal grease and carbon filters to clean or replace tips 
An aluminum grease network (you can use dishwasher cleaning) 
Exhaust pipe: 120/150mm 
Noise level: 52-69 dB (A) 
Only be used for outdoor or indoor cycle operating exhaust 
Power: 285W 
Origin: Italy 
Distributor Warranty 1 year 
Size: H770-1215mm x W370mm 
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