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Hibachi HY-138-D68S2 80cm Chimney Hood


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Hibachi HY-138-D68S2 80cm Chimney Hood


1. A strong suction: continental-style glass range hood the perfect match of high-power motor with 1000 impeller, the cooking oil completely excluded.
2. The appearance of the concept: the use of the theory of modern industrial design and ergonomic designed with a unique appearance and harmonious colors, luxurious, safe, reliable, attractive appearance, especially suitable for the modern family.
3. Washable convenience: just regular cleaning of the oil network, without having to remove and clean any other parts, extremely easy to take apart and wash.
4. Green: special structure made ​​of a strong adsorption of the oil filter network, cooking oil completely adsorbed, reducing pollution of the environment.
5. the use of safe and reliable: the wish of the high quality of the isolated safety of low-voltage control circuit circuit is touch electronic switch, motor over-temperature protection (Reset) function, the use of more secure and reliable.



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