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Home-Cooking-Hoods-Wall Mount (Asian Type) hoods-Pacific PR-8100U 70cm Detachable Cookerhood
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Pacific PR-8100U 70cm Detachable Cookerhood


Pacific 太平洋



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Pacific PR-8100U 70cm Detachable Cookerhood

28 " Detachable design
Independent left and right motor switch
3 speed control: ULTRA (Speed​​), II (medium speed), I (low)
Super high-speed motor diode (aluminum alloy, steel ball bearings)
Aluminum curved turbine blades
Spray nonstick spray plus fan
Micro switch safety device (open floor cleaning off automatically when the power supply)


Motor Speed ​​(RPM): ULTRA - 2400; II - 1700; I - 1100
Motor power: ULTRA - 130W X 2; II - 100W X 2; I - 85W X 2
Lighting: incandescent lamps
Lighting power: 40W
Exhaust diameter: 155mm (with 6 "exhaust hose)
Exhaust volume: ULTRA - 22m3/min
PR8100U: Brushed Stainless
W705 H145 D520 (mm)

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