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Home-Cooking-Hoods-Wall Mount (Asian Type) hoods-Pogor PH-788W 80cm Built-in Hood
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Pogor PH-788W 80cm Built-in Hood


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Pogor PH-788W 80cm Built-in Hood

The Reverse Rotor High-speed Twin Motors, super power capacity
"Finger touch" Electric-heating cleaning design, Easy clean
The tempered glass board, keep the oil-stains out of there
White metal-paint body adn ultra-slim design, Easy installation and fit to any kitchen
Automatic breaker safety device, The hood will be cut off when you close the tempered glass board
LED light, energy saving
Left and right switch with 2 speed level, easy control
Easy cleaning with magnetic easy-dismounting board
Built-In / Mounting, and fit to replace 710/800mm new range hood



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