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SIMPA SRJ2 Double Gas Hotplate


Simpa 簡柏


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SIMPA SRJ2 Double Gas Hotplate

Push button electronic continuous spark ignition system 
Progressive Sliding Lever Flame Adjustment
Flame Failure Device
Overheat Appliance Protection Device
Black Ceramic Coated Brass Burner Cap
Electric Supply : 1.5V C size batteryX1
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) :
-mm : 129(167)* x 717 x 387
-inch : 5.1(6.6)* x 28.2 x 15.2
Gas Consumption Max/Min - MJ/hr(Kw) :
-Left Burner : 23.8(6.6) - 1.1(0.3)
-Right Burner : 23.8(6.6) - 1.1(0.3)
Weight :
-kg : 7
-lb : 15.4
Free parts with 3-year warranty
Free standard installation
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