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Fujioh FIH-4 4-Zone Induction Hob


Fujioh 富士皇


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Fujioh FIH-4 4-Zone Induction Hob

4 induction zones
Induction zones:
Front right 1.5kW
Front left 1.5kW
Rear left 2.5kW
Rear right 2.5kW
Total connected load 8.0kW
Fuse rating 35A
Designed by FUJI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. and made in collaboration with leading glass manufacturer SCHOTT®. Our commitment is to focus on extending the variety of kitchen appliances to an ever-changing world of modern living. This new addition to our consumers a more comprehensive product line-up to suit their lifestyle needs and demands. This is another step in the innovations to meet global demands.
As a leader in technology and innovation, SCHOTT simply boasts quality. With patented high-tech procedures and state-of-the-art, resources, the company is constantly setting the latest standards. High-quality glass-ceramic can be recognised by the SCHOTT® logo.
Cooking Safely. Easy to use. Highly energy efficient.
Exceptionally durable. Long service life.
Highly aesthetic. State-of-the-art technology.
Environmentally friendly. Easy to clean.
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