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Pacific PIC-101 70 cm 2-Zone Induction Cooker


Pacific 太平洋




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Pacific PIC-101 70 cm 2-Zone Induction Cooker

Unilateral be exclusive 2800W,

firepower   Novel means planning design,

slide your finger to control regulation,

both smooth and stylish   2800W exclusive or shared,

nine of flame adjustment   Sleep timer can be set for up to 3 hours and 59 minutes timer,

automatic shutdown   Automatic shutdown protection,

non-timed shutdown operation under two hours no operation is automatically shut down,

avoid dangerous   Embedded or dual seat,

elastic and flexible, to meet the individual needs of different kitchen   Electric ceramic stove and cooker rolled into one,

bear with respective merits   Electric ceramic heaters (left):   Heating area is large,

can be uniformly heated to the cookware and the limitation of any material, for example: cooker,

glass pot, metal pot or pan can be any   High temperature anti-tentacle tips, warning lights flashing prompted furnace surface is still hot,

do not touch   Electric ceramic heaters (Right):   Red aperture display clearly shows the operation   Anti-dry detection,

water within containers dry out completely stops functioning, to avoid dangerous   Multiple safety protection,

for example, when the voltage instability,

furnace surface overheating situation,

the appliance stops working,

to prevent accidents   Glass Size (mm) (WxD): 710x410   Hole size (mm) (WxD): 670x360   Panel Color: Black   Total power: 2800W shared   Output Power: Electric ceramic heaters (left) :0-2800W   Cooker (Right) :0-2800W   Power adjustment (paragraph): 9   Control: refers to draw style   Timing shutdown: 1 minutes - 3 hours 59 minutes   Security Lock   Weight: 9.5Kg   Voltage: AC220-240V   Switchboard: 13A plugs   Installation: Embedded / seat   3-year warranty (including parts and on-site inspection)

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