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Hibachi 氣霸 HY-2628S Built-in LP Gas Hobs


Hibachi 氣霸

HY-2628S LPG


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Hibachi 氣霸 HY-2628S Built-in LP Gas Hobs

The new embedded hob sealed burners, make cooking safer and cleaner.
Great stove fire independent lotus core design, firepower and more balanced.
Side panels made of aluminum coated glass manufacturing, durable, easy to clean.
Pulse ignition, the fire can be adjusted Sui intended to accommodate a variety of cooking production needs.
Exceptionally strong 6.0 kilowatts gas fire.
Burner: 2
Heat load:
- LPG: Left: 4.6KW, right: 4.6KW
Connecting pipe: 1/2 "threaded joint
Ignition: Pulse Ignition
- Length: 760 mm
- Width: 450 mm
- High: 73 mm
Hole Size (mm):
- Length: 670 mm
- Width: 350 mm
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