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Siemens ER74333HK iQ300 Town Gas Hob


Siemens 西門子


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Siemens ER74333HK iQ300 Town Gas Hob

Equipped with a 6.3kW dual flame wok burner which is ideal for a wide variety of foods.
The practical high-end pan support system provides the optimal support.
3 burners
2 dual wok burner (with independent inner flame)
Flame failure safety device
1-handed ignition via control knobs
Cast iron pan supports
Tempered glass surface
Preset in town gas
Left burner: 6.3 KW
Right burner: 6.3kW
Cut-out Dimensions (W x D): 700 x 400mm
Dimensions (H x W x D):
143 x 785 x 450mm
150 x 760 x 450mm
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