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German Pool GP12-1 30cm Gas Domino Hobs


German Pool 德國寶



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German Pool GP12-1 30cm Gas Domino Hobs

Up to 6,000W of super high output for the Towngas model. One of the highest outputs on the market for the LPG model at 5,000W.
Innovative 3D petal flame for more powerful and stable heating.
Innovative bolt-on burner cap is safer and easier to clean.
High density and anti-shock tempered glass cooktop panel.
High quality cast-iron burner rack for superb durability. Designed for all sorts of pots and pans including the Chinese wok.
Aluminium alloy body and cast copper girdle.
Robust burner ring for extra durability.
Adjustable gas inlet for easy installation.
Electronic ignition system.
Focussed flame for increased energy efficiency.
Automatic switch-off for safety.
Super slim, minimalistic body.
Built-in or standalone.
Available in Towngas or LPG.
Energy Efficiency Label accredited by Hong Kong EMSD
Sub-Model #:GP12-1-TG/GP12-1-LG
Number of Hobs:1/1
Cooktop Finish:Tempered Glass/Tempered Glass
Gas Type:Towngas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Power:6.0 kW/5.0 kW
Colour: Glass Panel:Black/Black
Net Weight:8.0 kg/8.0 kg
Dimensions:(H) 150 (W) 305 (D) 505 mm
Cut-out Dimensions:(W) 265 (D) 463 mm
Energy Efficiency Label:Yes(#GC15-0003)/Yes(#GC15-0002)
Warranty Term:1 Year (5 Years on Parts)*
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