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TGC MEGA2 Built-in 2-Burner Town Gas Hob




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TGC MEGA2 Built-in 2-Burner Town Gas Hob

1. "Mega Flame" burner facilitates precise flame control from powerful flame to independent simmer flame
2. Automatic flame-shut-off timer function, convenient cooking
3. Quality German Ceramic Glass
4. Sealed Burners Design
5. Continuous Electronic Ignition
6. Flame Failure Safety Device
Mega Flame Burner
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
mm : 66(54)* x 737 x 438
inch : 2.6(2.1)* x 29 x 17.2
Cut-out Dimensions (Width x Depth)
mm : 703 x 403
inch : 27.7 x 15.9
Number of Burners
Gas Consumption Max/Min - MJ/hr(Kw)
Left Burner : 21.6 (6) - 1.1 (0.3)
Right Burner : 21.6 (6) - 1.1 (0.3)
kg : 14.5
lb : 31.9
Electric Supply
1.5V 'D' Size Battery X 2
Colour and Material
Black Ceramic Glass with Black Aluminium Frame
Black Ceramic Glass with Silver Aluminium Frame
*Height To Bench Top
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Free parts with 3-year warranty
Free standard installation
Free delivery service
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