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Bosch MSM64120GB Hand blender




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Bosch MSM64120GB Hand blender

Extra-light weight with special ergonomically shaped handle and comfortable, non-slip soft-touch coating
Detachable stainless steel blender foot with sharpened QuattroBlade four-winged blade for perfect mixing and chopping
With additional turbo setting for maximum power at the touch of a button
Powerful 450 W motor for perfect results
Extra turbo button for maximum performance
Innovative four wing blade for perfect results
Powerful, quiet, low vibration
Excellent handling through soft touch handle, large buttons and ergonomic shaping
Easily detachable blender foot with eject button
Blender foot and attachments (except gear box) are dishwasher proof
High-quality stainless steel foot
Handy mini chopper cuts herbs, nuts, onions, meat, cheese, ...
Transparent, calibrated mixing beaker
Color: White / Red
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