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KARCHER SC3 Premium 1900W Steam Cleaner



SC3 Premium


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KARCHER SC3 Premium 1900W Steam Cleaner

Description :
Effective use of highpressure steam to dissolve the surface and deep
cleaning of stubborn stains, wipe out bacteria
Without the use of detergents, also do not need to overwater,
for environmental protection concepts, avoid allergies
Speed up time 30 seconds
Continued use can always add water
Automatic descaling technology
Has a steam safety lock, to avoid accidental contact with the child error
Round brush nozzle to increase and broaden scouring surface
Equipped with different accessories, household cleaning for different
places, and versatile
Made in Germany
Accessories: floor nozzle, extension nozzle, handheld nozzle,
precision nozzle, round brush nozzle (red, black, increase), power
nozzle, remove the core scale, highquality cotton, cotton soft cover
Bathroom : bathtub, tiles, toilet bowls, wash basins, mirrors and windows
Kitchen : faucets, stove, range hoods and exhaust fans
Furniture : mattresses, cloth furniture, curtains, carpets, floor
Power : 1900 Watts
Boiler Capacity : 1 liter
Heating time : 30 seconds
The maximum vapor pressure : 3.5 bar
Weight (without accessories) : 3.5 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 360 x 236 x 253 mm
Warranty : 3years
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