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Bosch BBHMOVE5 Handstick-Battery Unit 2-in-1




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Bosch BBHMOVE5 Handstick-Battery Unit 2-in-1

Ideal for when your home just needs a quick spruce-up, particularly on hard floors
Two power levels and an operating time of up to 36 minutes
Practical, detachable hand-held vacuum cleaner with 300 ml capacity
Foldable for easy storage
Environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery
2in1: Handheld and handstick in one appliance
Able to stand free without holder or docking station
Space saving storage thanks to its foldability
Floor tool with brush roller
Capacity of dust container: 300 ml
New Battery Ni-MH: Environmental friendly; higher performane
Washable Filter
Charging stand/parking aid
Colour: Anthracite
Dimensions: 1130x255x200 mm.
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