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Electrolux ZTF7660IW Vacuum Cleaners


Electrolux 伊萊克斯



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Electrolux ZTF7660IW Vacuum Cleaners

Without dust bag, economical and convenient
Ultra cyclone force designed to centrifugal force to separate dust and air, will not clog the outlet, so long maintained a strong suction vacuum cleaner
Filter: Efficient washable HEPA filter cylinder
- Washable cylindrical filter
- Fine exhaust filter
- Mount played down the dust filter device to facilitate ad hoc
Accessories are available:
- Floor / carpet wand
- Mattress turbo wand
- Wooden floor dedicated wand
- Even small brush crevice tool
- Furniture nozzle
- Filter cleaning brush
Automatic shutdown overheating safety device
Color: Pearl White
Maximum input power: 2000W
Vacuum Tube: Metal telescopic tube
Activities radius: 7.5 m
Dust capacity: 2 liters
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