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Hitachi RZWS2YH 0.36L Mini Rice Cooker


Hitachi 日立


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Hitachi RZWS2YH 0.36L Mini Rice Cooker

Capacity : 0.36 L 
Made in Japan
Thick Thermal Sprayed Iron Pot (3.0mm with Carbon Fluorine Coating)
Detachable Rice Container from Heat Source
Keep Warm: 6 hours
Rice will keep 65℃ for about 2hrs after detached from the Heat Source
(without opening the lid in room temperature of 23℃) 
3 selections of Water Level Indications
Multi Cooking Variety Program
Rapid Cook Program
Eco Small Amount
Wash Rice inside Inner Pot
Power Supply 220V; 50Hz
Power Consumption - cooking 500W; keep warm 19w
Capacity 1L
Dimensions W217mm, H187mm, D260mm
Net Weight 3.6kg
Colour Brown Gold (N)
Warranty 2 year
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