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German Pool GRM-450 Rice Bran Miller


German Pool 德國寶


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German Pool GRM-450 Rice Bran Miller

German Pool Healthy Rice Bran Miller lets you create fresh and healthy home-milled germ rice. The Healthy Rice Bran miller separates the original brown rice from the high fiber rice bran, to preserve the nutrient-rich germ rice for making fluffy bowls of rice. The resulting high fiber bran is a perfect ingredient for making breads, puddings, and drinks.
Home-milled rice with no preservatives added, resulting in high fiber bran and nutritious germ rice that are rich in vitamins and minerals
5L compartment for red/brown rice grain storage – minimizing the need for constant refill
Digital display of 1-9 minutes milling time
User-friendly knob for adjusting coarseness of rice grains
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