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Sharp SJBR13D


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Sharp SJBR13D

Reversible Refrigerator Door
The refrigerator door can be reversed by the user. It can be set as "left-opening" or "right-opening" by the user without the need to order any optional door hinge
Top Refrigerator Design 
The more frequently used refrigerator compartment is located in the upper section, you can easily store or remove items.
Tempered Glass Tray 
The trays are made of durable tempered glass that can tolerate the weight of even heavy foods in 100kg
Honeycomb Deodorizer 
The Honeycomb Deodorizer can absorb and decompose odors almost completely
Fresh Case in Fridge Section
2015/11/25前 Before2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :1
2015/11/25後 After 2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :3
5 Years Warranty Service
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