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Sharp IG-DX10A 84 sq ft Air Purifier


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Sharp IG-DX10A 84 sq ft Air Purifier

High-density Plasmacluster Ion (HD PCI)
By using high voltage, Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit produces high density of Plasmacluster ion. High-density Plasmacluster ions can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses1, bacteria and allergens.
It can also suppress the growth of mold and remove odor.
Full Power Mode for Quick Air Purification
When the indoor air quality is poor, operate the “Full Power Mode” which can discharge the increased density of Plasmacluster Ions (PCI). The PCI density under this mode is of 1.5 multiples of the “High Fan Speed” mode. This can help inactivating viruses and removing odor effectively in a short period.
Adjustable Louver for All Directions
The louver can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to change the wind directions. This can target certain area for intensive air purifying without moving the product.
Low Power Consumption & Quiet Operation
Low power consumption with only 26dB 2 noise level. You can enjoy quiet and energy-saving life
Easy Operation
Pressing the operation button, it starts the emission of high-density Plasmacluster ions immediately.
Compact and Chic Design
Being a compact unit with simple and trendy design, the product can be placed vertically and horizontally, fitting needs of various users.
Purification Method    
HD Plasmacluster Ion
PCI Density
Air Flow Mode    
Full Power / High / Low
Air Flow Rate
84 (Full Power)
60 (High)
42 (Low)
Applicable Floor Area
Power Source
(V, Hz)    
220, 50
Power Consumption
13 (Full Power)
7 (High)
4 (Low)
Outside Dimensions
(W x H x D) (mm)    
120 x 270 x 270



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