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Alasking AH-400W 1360W Thermo Ventilator


Alasking 阿拉斯加



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Alasking AH-400W 1360W Thermo Ventilator

4 in 1 "Conservatory / Dehumidifi / Circulation / Ventilation" function
The dual motors dual blade design, real circulation ventilation, better results
PTC ceramic heater
1360W, installation flexibility
24 hours ventilation, ventilation 1 every 6 minutes
15 minute ventilation extended stop function
Illustration shows the button, a simple and clear
Four kinds of safety devices, safe and reliable
Silent in operation, environmental protection and energy conservation
Dimensions: 450 W x 330 D x 220 H (mm)
Mounting dimensions: 400 W x 280 D x 200 H (mm)
Weight: 5.8kg / pipe diameter: 100 mm (4 inches)
100% Made in Taiwan
2-year warranty
Comply with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) Electrical Products (Safety) Regulations
Installation Fee: $ 500



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