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HITACHI AJ-S75TXP 7.5KG Tub Washers


Hitachi 日立


HK$3290HK$2570including delivery

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HITACHI AJ-S75TXP 7.5KG Tub Washers

Washing Capacity : 7.5kg 
Air Jet Drying Capacity : 2.0kg
Grade 1 Energy Label
Grade 1 Water Efficiency Label
Washing Capacity: 7.5kg
Anti-bacterial Care
Dual Penetration Shower
Circular Motion Penetration
Sprinkling Rinsing
Air Jet Drying
Nano Titanium Filter
Zero Standby Power
Tangle-Free Finish
6/9 Hour Preset Timer
With Drain Pump
Programme Course : Normal, Wool, Speedy, Soak, Blanket and Delicate
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